If you are looking for a simple installation Camera – realistic clarity – ensure aesthetics – high usage efficiency... The NVR GDX-TSK580 PRO KIT is really the product that meets the criteria you are given. The installation operation is very simple, compact style, beautiful and modern, durable operation.


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    4-CHANNEL NVR GDX-TSK580 Observation Day Camera Kit

    -The 4-channel suitable camera kit is fitting both indoor and outdoor, the application is observed in villas, households, high aesthetics.

    -The full kit includes 04 cylindrical-conical Wifi IP Cameras, 01 4-channel IP recorder, accompanying accessories (source of recorder, camera source, network wires, antenna). . Full set includes installation, lifetime free network settings 

    -Superior advantages of 4-channel Wifi camera Kit 

    -Sharp images: The IP cameras possess HD 1080P high resolution, for outstanding image quality.

    -Day-night observation: in sufficiently light conditions, the camera collects images with vivid, real colors. In light conditions, the camera uses infrared lighting, which is observed in the night, with a 10 to 30 meter infrared vision. Built-in camera 03 infrared lamps, Led Array technology for crisp black and white images, no bright focus phenomenon causing glare, low noise.

    -Wireless connection: The built-in WiFi connection Kit (802.11 b/g/N) on both the camera and recorder, in addition has an integrated RJ 45 100/1000Mb network port. Simply connect the camera to the power supply to run the camera, and the POE technology camera enables Directly on the network cable, restrict the wiring.

    The strong Wifi signal, the maximum signal distance for all 4 cameras to the recorder is 30 meters (wall piercing), with 1 camera can be up to 100 meters.