Smart breaker (CB) via phone BK30

Smart breaker (CB) via phone BK30
  • Smart breaker (CB) via phone BK30
  • Smart breaker (CB) via phone BK30
  • Smart breaker (CB) via phone BK30
  • Smart breaker (CB) via phone BK30
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Smart breaker (CB) via phone BK30

Control and check power source is simple - convenient - safe with General Switch (total CB) Remote control via phone BK30.



- Enable Voice Power On / Off control

- Monitor status, control power, remotely turn on / off timer via App 5ASYSTEMS wherever there is an Internet connection.

* Wireless control: Use wifi 2.4G or Zigbee

* Wireless control: Anywhere with 2G / 3G / 4G network on your phone

* Support voice system: Amazon, Alexa, Google Assistant.

This remote control smart circuit breaker is suitable for: General power supply of home, office, company, factory, factory ...


Design ensures electrical safety, automatically disconnects when the power is overloaded.


- Using high-quality PC plastic material, high-temperature resistance, explosion-proof.

- The shape is designed easy to replace without having to wear loose wires, increasing the aesthetics and value of the house.

Technical specifications

Large capacity (automatically cut off power when overloaded as normal aptomat):

Meets standard: GB / T 10963.1 IEC 60898-1

Rated voltage: AC 220V

Rated frequency: 50Hz


Number of poles: 2P

Protection level: IP20

The temperature of specific use: -25 degrees C ~ 65 degrees C

Cabinet rated current: 80A, 125A

Rated current: 30A

Rated short-circuit breaking capacity: 6kA

Rated withstand voltage: 6kA

Mechanical lifespan: More than 10000 times

Power life: More than 6000 times


Size: 86x54x74mm | Weight: 300 grams

EMC Speed: Conforms to GB / T 17626.5 4.0KV voltage

Salt spray bearing: Conforms to GB / T 2423.17 48h

Tightening torque: 4-5Nm