Smart Plugs A6000 (DMP202)

Smart Plugs A6000 (DMP202)
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    Smart Plugs A6000 (DMP202)

    In the 4.0 era, smart technology equipment has been realizing the life of modern people. To make everything easier and simpler, the system has a more practical time budget.

    The DMP202 smart wall-mounted socket makes it easy for users to control and manage the on-off status of home electrical devices remotely via the 5ASYSTEMS app no ​​matter where they are.

    Besides, users are free to customize to use, schedule on-off timer. Take the risks away and enjoy a more comfortable life.



    Details Information:

    1. Outstanding features

    DMP202 smart plugs work without going through the central control hub, directly connected to wifi.

    Voice smart socket control, Remote control and control of power on/off status with just "1 TOUCH" via app 5ASYSTEMS

    Schedule to power off / on power equipment automatically as desired.

    Establishing a connection with the 5ASYSTEMS app is quick and simple

    Device management and usage rights can be shared among family members

    2. Design:

    The DMP202 rectangular smart wall outlet product has 2 colors: black and white, suitable for the aesthetic of many different customers.



    The induction power button, with led lights around the power button, easy to find at night

    Using high-grade plastic materials, the tempered glass surface helps the device withstand impact, resist scratches, resist fire at high temperatures and limit oxidation.

    Compact design, space saving compared to traditional socket increases value for the house.

    The rectangular design is easy to install and replace with traditional sockets popular in Vietnamese homes.

    3. Technical parameters:

    Current: 10A

    Input voltage: AC100V ~ 250V / AC50 ~ 60Hz.

    Wireless control: Use wifi 2.4G or Zigbee

    Wireless control: Anywhere with 2G / 3G / 4G networks on your phone

    Voice system support: Amazon, Alexa, Google Asspace-saving


    Operating temperature: -20 degrees C to 45 degrees C

    Size: 70x120x40mm

    Material: high-quality PC plastic, tempered glass

    Note that the outlet requires a cold cord to operate.