Smart switch 5ASYSTEMS SWP8000 2 LOOP

Smart switch 5ASYSTEMS SWP8000 2 LOOP
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    Smart switch 5ASYSTEMS SWP8000


    - Voice control wherever you are.

    - Operates on multiple platforms GOOGLE ASSISTANT, SIRI, AMAZON, 5ASYSTEMS.

    - Easily check the status of the switch directly on the 5ASYSTEMS app.

    - Schedule a timer or countdown to automatically turn on/off the device at a certain time.

    - Allows sharing an unlimited number of users, anyone with permission can control the device.

    - An extremely sensitive touch brings joy to the experience.

    - Tempered glass, scratch-resistant, impact-resistant, heat-insulated combined with LED circles shine around to create luxury.


    -         Remote control directly on the application 5ASYSTEMS, the application has a Vietnamese interface set up, easy to access, and use by users.

    -         Extremely easy to use, no need to connect a central controller, saves money.

    -         Square design, compatible with all common switch designs in Vietnam. Hence, it is easy to replace without wiring.

    Operation mechanism of the smart switch 5ASYSTEMS SWP8000: led indicator on the button:

    + When the light on, the button will turn red

    + When the switch is successfully connected to the 5ASYSTEMS app, the button will turn green.

    + When the switch is currently on the status of matching with the 5ASYSTEMS app, the button will flash quickly

    + Short press the button on or off, long-press the button for matching.


    -Max Power: 1000w/gang

    -Current: 10A/gang

    -Input voltage: AC100V-250V/AC50-60Hz

    -Lifetime: 100000 times

    -Operating system: IOS9.0/Android 4.4 or above

    -Voice system support: amazon Alexa, google assistant

    -Wireless support: 2.4 GHz wifi Zigbee

    -Wireless control distance: anywhere with 2G/3G/4G network on your phone

    -Way to control: touch control, app remote control, voice control, 433 RF control (optional)

    - Size: 85mmx85mmx35mm

    - Weight: 200gr.

    A set of boxed square SWP8000 smart switches includes 1 switch, 2 screws, and 1 product manual.