DZK5000 - Hotel lock can achieve real-time communication and data exchange between locks.

DZK5000 - Hotel lock

DZK5000 - Hotel lock
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    Hotel lock from Hotel 5A Hotel DZK5000 5ASYTEMS is one of the most influential brands in the world. 5A Hotel DZK5000 has made our customers almost absolute persuasion, not only because of its beautiful design, luxury but also because of the remarkable features of the lock.

    So what makes these hotel locks from 5A Hotel DZK5000 special? At present, most of the hotels are using a traditional mechanical key, the safety rate is not high and is not convenient to preserve the key. The hotel receptionists are always required to control room rental activities in a continuous manner.

    Understanding those difficulties, 5Asystems has brought you a product to help you solve all the problems easily – the 5A Hotel DZK5000 of 5ASYSYTEMS. 5A Hotel DZK5000 is a smart product, with high security features. Unlocked by magnetic card, manage your cards via our software. Magnetic cards are made of high-grade plastic, inside have smart chip mounting to save the user ID data. Each card is a separate ID with its own access permissions that guarantee absolute safety and security. In addition, 5A Hotel DZK5000 is equipped with 2 anti-copy mechanical keys in any forms for in the worst case can occur such as the locks are out of battery. 5A Hotel DZK5000 is designed in European style-the box shape – BRING Comfort – luxury FOR HOTELS 


    Code: 5A Hotel DZK5000

    Manufacturer: 5A SYSTEMS.

    Unlock: Magnetic cards, mechanical keys

    Mortise: ANSI-S

    Color: Black

    Material:  Stainless and  flameproof alloy

    Requirements: Thickness of door puzzle: > = 36mm width of the door quiz: > = 110mm

    Power supply: 4 standard AA batteries. Battery life: Approximately 18 months in normal state, depending on the usage and climatic conditions.

    Signaling with sound and light when the battery is low (< 4.5 V)

    Weight: 4,0Kg/Set

    Emergency unlock: In case of an emergency can be unlocked with Master card or mechanical key. Especially, the lock is hidden in the key which gives the user high security.

    Certification: CE, FCC


    Lock the card from the hotel 5A Hotel DZK3000 uses electronic chip technology in behalf of the traditional mechanical key to ensure absolute safety and security.

    Opening time: The lock will be locked back automatically 7 seconds after unlocking.

    Alarms with beeps lengthen warn when there are unauthorized intruders or doors that are not fully closed. Signal with the lamp when swipe the card.


    It is easier and more convenient for the Hotel managers to install hotel locks and manage them. Every operation is very quick and easy. In addition, when customers check out, employees only need to check on the computers, so it is quick, accurate and time-saving.


    Lock card from Hotel 5A Hotel DZK3000 very easy to use, the user simply scans the card from through the slot, the door door self opening after 1 – 3s.


    Lock the card from hotel 5A Hotel DZK3000 not only is the product with high safety that lock system card from the hotel also present the professionalism, modern that the hotel is aiming.


    Master Card: Open all hotel rooms in any case, do not specify the time

    Building Card: Open All rooms, can specify the time, give the hotel management

    Floor Card: Open one or more floors, have time provisions, usually give room cleaning

    Guest Card: The card for tenants, can specify the time of guests, overdue will not get into the room.

    Super durable cards, card lifetime up to many years, ability to remove ID and enter a different ID through the software.

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